Red, white and bright

Red, white and bright, this hall offers quite bold decoration ideas. In the 9 square meter hall, a wider and more vibrant impression has been created with bold and smart decoration ideas.

This red, white and bright hall hosted an impressive impression. Brave hall is here as the “Room of the Week”. The 9-square meter hall of the apartment stands out with its carefully selected furniture and striking colors. White color was preferred on the walls of the hall to resemble a blank canvas. In this way, the sense of brightness is further strengthened. Two large mirrors are placed on the wall to make the small hall stand wider and increase the bright feeling. The most striking furniture of this stylish hall is its bright red sofa. Colorful and abundant pillows were used on the sofa. Two red and white puffs were used to complete the sitting area. Convenient seating area is created because they are also portable with pouffe. 3 service stands were used as the middle table. The red and orange transition service stands are designed for both middle coffee table and ease of use for their guests.

In this stylish hall which is red, white and bright, a dining room for two is also designed. Red metallic cabinets have been used as consoles. The dining table for two was preferred in white. Two extremely stylish lampshades with glass legs and Far East-inspired figures were placed on the metal cabinet used as console. Fresh flowers were used in the glass vase on the dining table.

In order to make the room stand wider, a design has been made compatible with smart decoration ideas. White walls and white windows blend perfectly. The bright feeling of the place was not interrupted by using blinds instead of fabric curtains in the living room. The furniture used as TV unit is preferred to be very simple and plain. By using the shelf just above the TV cabinet, a stylish TV unit was created and an exhibition space was created.

In this stylish hall, which is red, white and bright, the accessories are also carefully selected. Lampshades that mainly use glass were used as lighting elements and accessories… Besides the lampshades, spotlights used on the ceiling helped the place to look spacious. There is an imitation black post on the floor. Imitation also contributed to the integration of the TV unit with its black post, red, white and bright seating area.

We chose this bold hall, red, white and bright, as the “Room of the Week”… You can get inspired about the ideas of living room decoration with carefully selected furniture and accessory parts and bold colors.






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