Space Saver: Wall Mounted Desk Models

While tables are among the indispensable items of homes, wall mounted table models offer very practical solutions, especially in small houses. What makes these tables useful is that they are opened when they are used, and they can be folded at other times. These tables can be used in all areas of the house. These include kitchens, balconies and even study rooms.



If young people’s rooms are small, a wall-mounted table will only be opened while studying, and in other cases it will be folded. Since it is made with a special mechanism, the table will not be damaged during this opening and folding, and it can be used for many years.

Wall Mounted Table Models for Kitchens
Although a large table is needed when eating in large families, this table takes up a large space in the kitchen when it is not used and narrows the working area. To prevent this, wall-mounted table models can be preferred. When this table, which is mounted on the wall, is folded, a large part of it folds down and the remaining small part is large enough for you to take a coffee break during the day or to eat alone with the chairs placed on both sides. Some families are very crowded or constantly host guests. In this case, a large table mounted on the wall is needed. Although these tables are sold ready-made, it will be difficult to find the most suitable for your home, so it may be more correct to make a special production.

Wall Mounted Table Features and Prices

One side of these tables is mounted on the wall and the other side can be folded with a special mechanism. Generally, it does not take up any space by folding towards the wall. It is manufactured in smaller sizes for balconies and terraces. Wall-mounted table models also differ as well as their prices. Although it is not a problem that there are no legs on one side of the small tables, you should make sure that there is a leg on the side that is not mounted on the wall. This way the life of the table will be longer. If you want to have a small desk, you can have a fixed wall-mounted table, even without a foot, there will be no protrusion under it to disturb you.

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