Spacious Solutions for Small Living Rooms

The most important accessory that makes a house a home are seats. When you get tired from work, when you have no time to take a step from shopping, when the new episode of your favorite series arrives, the best thing to do is to stretch your feet and rest. The comfort of your seats that accompany you while you are resting or having nice conversations with your friends is the first feature you look for. You want to be as comfortable as possible and get rid of the tiredness of the day because …
Of course, not all of us prefer a living space. It is quite normal for our homes or living rooms to be of different sizes. The only problem with the small rooms that we will examine in this article is that they do not overcome the idea that “this is small here, nothing can fit here”.
We’re talking about making your “box rooms” look bigger than they really are, just like making an illusion, isn’t it great!

If you are making your item selection from the very beginning, you will make the right decision in one try. However, your room is very crowded and if you are overwhelmed by this, you will get a much different look than before by changing a few sofa sets, wallpaper or other accessories. Moreover, when compared to the new one, you can see the mistakes made in the old version …

1-If your windows are small like your room …

While you were complaining that your room is small, you also think of your windows! Don’t worry because you can add depth to the room with mirrors and wallpaper!
Even if it is not extra difficult to decide the size of the mirror here, the choice of wallpaper will make a big difference in your room. Wallpapers in light colors and live themes will make the room look bigger than it is. In addition, despite the small size of the window, you will have a more spacious and bright room. You are free about the size of the mirror, but the mirrors positioned on the opposite wall of the window or close to the window will reflect the image on the window and create the impression that there is an extra window.

2-Usage Areas on Walls

Compressing a sofa set, another table won’t make the room more useful. On the contrary, it shrinks the space and eliminates the desire to settle down in that room! In order to add depth to your room, you can decorate your walls with frames and fill them with really useful shelves. Of course, you need to have some measure in this, too, but the frames and shelves on the wall will be much different than one extra chair in the room.

3-Sofa Set Color Selection

The most important issue in your room is the sofa set selection. Because the sofa set is the main character and the biggest part of the room. As such, you should scrutinize and weave your choices more closely. For example, light colors always leave a more spacious look and a brighter impression in homes, but if you say “I have little children in my house, I don’t want to be on the bumps all the time” or if you do not want to choose light colors, you can get deep images with dark colors. Red, green, black, purple, brown… You can create a very spacious environment by paying attention to the use of country style flower details, classical style cushions and buttons in the sofa set alternatives you will prefer in such dark tones. Likewise, you can achieve the same depth by choosing light color for wallpaper and all other details and choosing dark tones in your sofa set.

The spaciousness you will add to your room by buying a sofa set in light tones is invaluable!

4-How Should Be The Right Sofa Set Model?

Before deciding on the color of the sofa set, what you need to do is determine what style of sofa set you will buy. For example, choosing seats with very large borders or large pillows will make your room narrower. However, the small L armchairs that will fit in your room are very useful both for use and for making the room look bigger. Likewise, chest seats are the ideal choice to hide excess items.

In our article, we have included what you should pay attention to when choosing a sofa set for small living rooms. If you are ready, you can choose the sofa set that suits your needs from Vivense Furniture.

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