Spring Smelling Bedroom

The bedroom, which smells of spring, offers seductive decoration ideas with its flying butterflies, color choices, spacious and bright appearance. We chose the bedroom that smells of spring as the room of this week.

The bedroom, which smells of spring, is built on an area of about 18 square meters in a loft. In the bedroom, where daylight generously enters, the high roof ceiling and walls allow the light to flow to the entire room. The white walls and the headboard are placed and the tiny triangular walls are covered with butterfly patterned wallpaper. Thus, wonderful walls were obtained without getting ordinary only with white and completely drowning with wallpaper. It was the butterfly patterned wallpaper that made the biggest effect on the room and provided the bedroom effect that smelled of spring. In addition, the butterfly patterned wallpaper was brought to the fore and a spacious appearance was obtained. While choosing an extremely comfortable bed, the mat knit form was preferred in the headboard. The mesh weave form headboard also strengthened the bedroom accent that smells of spring. The bed frame with a straw braid headboard is used and elegant textiles and fabrics in blue tones are included in home textiles. The nightstands placed on both sides of the bed are extremely stylish and elegant with white and gold ring handles. On the bedside tables, there are lampshades with natural glass body and white hat.

A comfortable armchair for resting and reading is placed in the corner just to the left of the bed. The linen covered armchair is completed with a tiny pillow suitable for patterns and colors and a wooden tea table right next to it. The flowers in the blue vase on the tea table contributed to the “spring-smelling bedroom”. Lighting in the small windowed rest area is also not forgotten. Lighting needs have been met with a simple but elegant floor lamp. A bright space was obtained with the furniture and accessories selected for the nook corner.

Another part of the bedroom that smells of spring is reserved for personal care and work space. Butterfly pattern wallpaper was continued in the wonderful triangle of the attic to ensure the integrity of the room. The white wooden furniture placed in front of the window is completed with a wooden chair with bird pattern. To ensure symmetry, wooden and white elegant lampshades are placed on both sides of the window.

The roof ceiling of the “spring-smelling bedroom” and the wonderful angles are at the forefront. The spacious brightness of the roof ceiling was also maintained on the ground. The white wooden parquets dominate the entire room, allowing every piece to stand out. On the floor, horizontal light blue rugs were laid in two pieces.

Spring coak bedroom, which we have chosen as the room of this week, is here with its pastoral colors that fly butterflies …








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