Stone Wall Decoration Examples For Living Room

When we start the planning of living room decoration, there are many details from floor coverings to wall coverings, from ceiling decorations to curtain selection and home textile selection. One of the most important details among these details are the walls. In each content, we share decoration ideas for a different room of the house and a different part of this room. In this article, we will share the most beautiful wall decoration ideas for the most beautiful living rooms. Stone wall decoration examples for the living room are one of the rising decoration trends of recent times. You can find various information about the use of stone walls in living room decoration, the use of stone-like natural stones and the use of stone-looking wallpaper in our article.

Natural stone appearance or decorative elements with a brick look are the most preferred details in modern, cool home decoration. The most used places in the room are usually behind the television or the wall of the area we sit. Since it is a very textured and remarkable element, it is not suitable for application in the whole room. Instead of applying it to all four walls of the room, it would be best to apply it behind the TV or on one wall where the sitting group is in front of it. Among the stone wall decoration examples for the hall, there are also examples made with wall panels. Wall panels are one of the easiest and most practical wall decoration solutions to apply.

What kind of home decoration do different wall applications offer us? It brings a historical look, a cool and classic stance, a different, old style like a museum and many other breezes to our homes. In addition to the old-style firebrick-looking walls, there are also white, shiny, more modern looking stones.

Stone wall decoration samples for the hall are in our gallery. Among these examples, there are modern examples with white stones, as well as houses built using the heaviest looking historical stones. You can decide which stone is better suited to the light of your home, the size of your window, and the width of your rooms. Because do not forget that stone wall decoration will darken the rooms a little.

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