Stylish and Modern Marble Washbasin Models

For those looking for a stylish and modern look in the bathroom, durable and high quality marble sink models are waiting for you in our article. Different decorative and modern washbasin models reflecting the irresistible charm of marble and the most beautiful marble detailed bathroom decoration examples …

Marble is considered a very noble natural stone and has been used for private architecture and interior design for centuries. Its individual decoration, natural luster and pleasant touch make it the perfect material for a stylish design in any room. While in the past it was mostly used for sculptures, floors and stairs, marble is used as a hard and also noble natural stone in the bathroom. As a sink, it becomes an absolute eye-catcher and adds a luxurious look to the room.

Stylish and Modern Marble Washbasin Models

The marble washbasin combines the noble look of natural stones with a contemporary shape and thus offers a successful change from classic sinks. The solid Carrara marble surface from Italy is matte treated and the sink is made of a stone block. This makes it extremely durable and durable.

Modern mermer banyo lavabo modelleri 2020
Modern marble bathroom sink models 2020

Marble not only offers a unique appearance and convinces with its high resistance, it is also the right choice for those who care about healthy living. The marble sink does not contain toxic substances and is extremely gentle on the skin. The waterproof surface is easy to clean and the marble is very popular with house dust allergy sufferers due to its smoothness that prevents dust from accumulating in the pores.

Marble sink for a modern bathroom

The fine streaks that color the marble, depending on its mineral content, come on their own on the white ground and make sure no stone block is the same as another. If you decide in favor of a marble sink, you will receive a product that is guaranteed to be unique and can be perfectly combined with modern designs. For example, marble sinks in fine, smoky gray lines stand out perfectly against anthracite colored sinks and an anthracite colored wall.

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