Stylish Choices for Your Bedrooms with Base Beds

With its large interior volumes, useful designs and stylish models, Bedding base, bed and base headboards bring a new style to your bedrooms.

Base; A name given to bed frames made of wood or metal and covered with leather or fabric that make the bed stand above the ground. While generally double bed base is used in bedrooms; Single bases are generally preferred in children’s, baby and guest rooms. With different size options suitable for each area, the base beds provide space saving by creating space for storing goods thanks to their large interior volumes as well as the elegance they add to bedrooms.

Suitable for Every Home and Every Budget

Especially in small houses, it is very important to use all the space in the most efficient way. The area under the bed base acts as a hidden closet, making it an ideal storage space for blankets, spare guest quilts, spare pillows or clothes that will be removed during the season. Moreover, it is suitable for every square meter with double or single bed base options.

Bedding appeals to different tastes with its modern and classical lines. For those who cannot give up the classic style, the Rose Base bed with large storage space offers aesthetics and functionality together. Rose, which has leather and fabric upholstery alternatives as well as 150 x 200, 160 x 200 and 180 x 200 size options, also adds a different atmosphere to your bedrooms with pouffe combinations to choose from. Marinel Base with single and double base bed options appears as a decorative storage area with its stylish line and high legs.

A New Understanding to Quality Sleep

Bedding brings a new understanding to quality sleep with Move-Up Master movable base bed for those who want to experience a brand new experience. Using the world’s most advanced technologies, the Move-Up Master movable base bed offers perfect sleep and comfort together; It has a special motor system that can move 5 different regions: head, neck, back, waist and feet. Providing an effective solution to disorders such as reflux and sleep apnea by adjusting from waist height, Move-Up offers a healthy and comfortable sleep with its anti-snoring position adjustment. In addition, it helps to rest healthy and regulate blood circulation with adjustable head and foot areas.

Are some of you safe enough?

In addition to keeping our bedrooms tidy, the safety of the bed base is also very important, which gives elegance to our rooms. The points that should be taken into consideration in the selection of a base bed that it does not cause any accident while opening and closing, and that its parts are not damaged in a short time. Thinks that such measures should be more especially in homes with children, ensures the safety of both you and your children with its steel construction interior materials, which are reinforced with safety locks and do not rust and rot, as well as the shock absorbers and switches inside. Moreover, beds brings quality sleep to all homes with base bed prices suitable for every pocket.

Stylish Complements of Rooms: Bed Base Headboards

Different and beautiful beds, Those looking for a different design should definitely check out the square quilted Verona headboard, which will be the stylish complement of your room with more than 20 color options and size alternatives. For those looking for simplicity in the bedroom, Luna Headboard is a good option with different leather and fabric options. Luna Headboard also has special dimensions for both a single and a double bed base. Those who want to experience uninterrupted and better quality sleep in their rooms created with a comfortable decoration concept should visit for bed base, headboard and all other complementary accessories.

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