Suggestions for Change in the Bedroom

If your bedroom is starting to look boring to your eyes, it can affect how you start your day and even the process of falling asleep at night. In the bedroom, it is important to feel peaceful, vigorous and refreshed. If you think you’ve lost that feeling, it’s time to make a change in the bedroom. You can add freshness to the bedroom by applying the ones that are suitable for your space and budget among the change suggestions in many different areas from bedspreads to curtains.

Bed Cover

The most striking furniture in the bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. You can consider it the center of the room. Every time you enter the bedroom, instead of the bedspread that you are used to, a new and very different style from your usual preferences can change the atmosphere of the room. It will be one of the quickest changes you can make to the bedroom.

Yatak odasında değişiklik önerileri 2020

Bedroom modification suggestions 2020

Tip: Try to go beyond the colors you use all the time. If you generally have plain colored covers, look at patterned bedspreads this time. You can try satin or jacquard, textured covers. If your room is very colorful, try turning your bed into a plain, white sleeping place. Choose a product that is somehow flashy, that will make you feel like you’ve made a difference.

Pillow Support

You can decorate your bed with duvet covers or pillows that match or complement your bedspread. By playing with the colors and patterns of large and small pillows, you can transform the bed like a canvas and create extremely different designs. Take advantage of pillows of different sizes and shapes.

Hint: One or two pillows in a surprising pattern or a striking color that will blend between the pillows that match your bedspread or duvet cover set will completely change the image. You can choose a vibrant color found in the room accessories.

Highlight Color

The bedroom is generally recommended to be in natural and pastel colors. Since the strong energy of the colors can make it difficult to sleep, plain and relaxing colors are predominant in the bedroom. However, this may cause the room to appear flat over time. If you have such a complaint, try adding eye-catching accessories in your favorite color, such as turquoise, emerald green, magenta, or orange.

Tip: It’s easier to use a vibrant color in the bedroom wall painting, pillows, pouf fabric, lampshade body. Thus, you will not have difficulty when you want to change the color again in the future.

Curtain Renewal

If you have the chance to renew the bedroom curtains, you can take advantage of the great power of change of the curtain. Curtains can make a big difference not only in the bedroom, but in almost any room. Striped curtains for a modern bedroom, and in a classic bedroom with large windows, you can completely change the atmosphere of your room with pleated curtains that extend to the floor.

Tip: When choosing curtains for the bedroom, if you are choosing a patterned or colored curtain, do not immediately say yes to a model that you are not sure about with the enthusiasm of change. Multi-colored and patterned models can tire your eyes over time. Moreover, matching the bedspread and carpet to the curtain should not turn into a problem.

Bed Head

We mentioned that the bed is the center of the bedroom. It will not be difficult to breathe new life into the room with an interesting headboard. You can breathe a new life into the room with an antique-looking headboard, a colorful or long model.

Tip: If your headboard is new and you don’t have the option to change it, you can decorate it by hanging a table, mirror or curtain on the wall where the headboard is based. Even if you go a little further and risk a little expense, just covering this wall in the room with a colored or patterned wallpaper will make a noticeable change in the bedroom.

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