The 30 Most Stylish Curtain Models

When choosing curtains for the room and the office, we do not know that we actually determine the character of that area. However, curtains are the most valuable decoration pieces that make a house quietly. When the right color, correct pattern and quality fabric are used in the selection of curtains, the air of the room becomes completely different. We chose 30 great curtain models for you to help curtain lovers a bit and give you the most innovative ideas about curtain selection.

• Lavish purple curtain

Curtains that extend from soft velvet fabric to ceiling to floor with the most beautiful shade of purple color and glide down like a swan add a natural atmosphere to the room.

• Gold curtain

If the windows that illuminate the room are narrow, the golden curtains will be the right choice for that little light shine coming from the outside and illuminating the interior.

• The dance of cream and blue

A large living room, huge windows and beautiful blue patterns that envy the people on a thick, saturated fabric in an area with magnificent light and a soft cream-colored curtains that surround them add a wonderful atmosphere.

• Vintage green curtain

Prefer vintage curtains to revive the vintagetkut, spread the whole room, and vividly carry the traces of the past to the present.

• Burgundy curtain

To give the room a calmer, yet effective look, plain, patternless burgundy curtains from a thick, tough fabric are great.

• Bright yellow curtain

Yellow; Whether it is small or large, a yellow curtain is good for every room, whether it energizes, illuminates, and fits almost any color.

• Patterned curtain

Tiny patterned curtains also add vitality and movement to the room, spreading youth fire into the room.

• White plain curtain

In a combination where all the items in the room are colorful and patterned and the carpets are flowered, the white and plain curtains like the bride make the room much brighter.

Velvet mustard curtain

The soft and noble air of mustard color, those with a dark room design are a good decision.

• Neutral curtain

To divert all attention to other items in the room, it is necessary to create a completely plain, neutral look with a dark creamy color.

• Transparent curtain

If simplicity is mentioned, if it is important to completely take in the magnificent sun coming from the outside, the right curtain selection will be transparent.

• Single color curtain

Monochrome curtains are recommended for a cool and cool look, in which the room is colorful, the curtain integrates with furniture.

• Red – white striped curtains

Red curtains, which are divided into thin white lines, will be the right choice for those who show the environment more broadly but cannot give up on the splendor of red.

• Rustic curtain

Rustic curtains are amazing for a tree house atmosphere integrated with nature.

• Patterned neutral curtain

Curtains in neutral colors fully reflect the air of the room.

• Dark gray curtain

Simple curtains in a grayish, silkish texture make the room air more serious, more formal and personal.

• thick curtains

Pleated models with thick texture and monochrome covering the window from the sides reflect the trend of the new era.

• British style pleated curtain

British style curtains that add a bit of wrinkled air to the self-pleated are very stylish and modern for a study room.

• Light yellow curtain

Light yellow, translucent curtains, the color of the sun, are enough to illuminate the room.

• Bohemian linen curtain

Bohemian linen curtains are the right choice for some seriousness and nostalgia.

• Formal symbol curtains

Those who want to get a formal image for the office should definitely prefer single color, dark gray or dark brown very thick textured curtain models.

• Colorful floral curtain

Who doesn’t love flowers, colorful curtains that give the spring air?

• Ombre curtain

It is possible to keep up with the trend of the new century by choosing omelet in curtain selection.

• Patterned linen curtain

In the choice of curtains, linen always adds a little warm air, and linen curtains with floral and insect patterns create a joyful atmosphere in the room at any time.

• Plaid curtain

It is possible to catch the 1950s and 1960s in 2018 with earthy plaid curtains that are compatible with each other.

• Cheerful floral curtain

Pink, red and purple flowers on the screen create a joyful atmosphere in the room.

• Magnificent curtain

In the halls where very important guests are hosted, long and wide monochrome curtains in dark tones extending from ceiling to floor give a magnificent appearance.

• Baby blue curtain

Baby blue is definitely very accurate when choosing curtains to create both a stylish and simple air, but an absolutely friendly atmosphere.

• Wild nature pattern curtain

If the room needs some mystery and movement, you should look at the black and white wild nature pattern curtains.

• Striped neutral curtain

If there are gray, white neutral curtains and a slight glow with streaking lines, it fills into the bright room outside.

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