The Most Beautiful Sliced Roller Blind Models Suitable for Every Room Decoration

Sectional roller blind models, also known as zebra roller blinds, are one of the most preferred curtain models of modern houses and small spaces. We can use these curtains, which have a sporty atmosphere in addition to their stylish and modern look, from the children’s room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the living room, even in the corridor and bathroom windows. Sliced curtain models are curtains that can be used without an old thick curtain as the back and front can complement each other and close the gaps. For this reason, it can be used as both a tulle curtain and a normal curtain. Apart from these models, there are also sliced tulle curtains. These consist of lace, motif lace and various tulles. Various motifs can be preferred in the skirt parts of tulle curtains which are preferred especially in kitchens.

You can use these tulle curtains in every room of the house. The colorful and patterned ones can be used for children’s rooms. If you do not want to use two curtains separately as tulle and curtains, then you can use one of the curtains. Although it seems a little difficult to clean, now such curtains have been widely used, a variety of cleaning methods have emerged. If you want these curtains, you can clean yourself with these new cleaning materials and methods. If you want, you can call officials from curtain cleaning and washing factories and have them cleaned.

How to install a sectional roller blind?

These curtains are not curtains that are put on a cornice like classic curtains. The special roller mechanism must be mounted on the wall. You can get help from the curtain for this. Because almost all curtain fittings are also installed. The special mechanism that holds the roller blind should definitely be mounted very firmly. Otherwise, it can easily fall on your head. Lacy zebra models, classic plain models and printed roller blind models are all mounted in the same way.

There are many different designs for roller blind skirt slice. Some of them look like the continuation of the top of the curtain, while others are quite different. Printed roller blind curtains are generally used in the nursery. Laces are preferred for living room decorations. In our gallery, you can see the sliced roller blind models we have chosen for you and their applications. You can get inspired by examining how these curtains are used in which rooms, and apply them in your own rooms. You can get all the ideas in our gallery from which colors roller blinds are compatible with which colors and which colors are incompatible.

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