Those looking for a Peaceful Sleep with a Natural Mattress: These Mattresses Are For You!

Man goes through his most amazing processes mentally and physically asleep. Even though it seems to be disconnected from life during his sleep, the eyes move behind the lids as if they were seeing; hearing nerves react to surrounding sounds. One of the most important needs affecting the quality of life is the sleep process, in which people seem to be walking on the edge of this life and dive into dreams with various reactions in their mind. Having a fit of mental and physical health enables people to continue daily life and make the right decisions. At this point, Hibboux comes up with its nature-friendly sleep world, which it designed inspired by nature. Believing that an efficient and peaceful sleep can be achieved by using the most suitable natural materials for human physiology, Hibboux offers a peaceful sleep experience with its mattresses that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Mattresses protecting the nature with respect to the right to life!

Hibboux, which aims to contribute to a more livable world while producing beds that sleep soundly by working with the care of a laboratory, establishes friendship with both the environment and health. Hibboux, which does not use materials that harm living things in production such as goose feathers, silk, leather and hides, with its philosophy that respects the right to life of every living creature. benefits from the miracle of eucalyptus. The Hibboux bed collections, which are named as Botanic, Cloud and Dream, are produced with the most suitable technology for human ecology and in internationally accepted standards. The completely natural latex filled layer obtained from the milk of the rubber tree used in the production of its mattresses creates a balance of moisture and temperature. It helps to regulate the blood circulation and to fall asleep comfortably by keeping in full harmony with the body shape. The 7-zone pocket spring system, designed with technology that exceeds the limits in mattress design, maintains the natural curvature of the spine in every sleeping position and creates the most appropriate support. The pocket spring arrangement, which consists of the placement of individual springs in interconnected fabric bags, which is used to balance the parts of the body with different weight according to their center of gravity, also offers a quiet mattress comfort.

Used in botanical sleep collection beds, tencel is obtained from eucalyptus tree fibers. Awarded with the European Environment Award, this fabric breathes with you during sleep. Tencel prevents discomfort caused by sweating during sleep with its structure that absorbs moisture in a controlled manner compared to cotton. Tencel fabric with a softer texture than silk absorbs the moisture generated by perspiration during sleep, and then releases it back into the air, creating the necessary dry environment for a comfortable sleep. Hibboux, which does not compromise on naturalness and professionalism, is the most important issue of hygiene for health, home mites; In order to keep allergens and other harmful bacteria away from your bed, it benefits by including the probiotic miracle found in the yoghurts we eat into bedding fabrics. Hibboux mattresses produced with a manifest that does not allow harmful chemicals are produced with the LGA certificate with high safety standards, which also supports the development of your babies. Hibboux Little mattress series, which is designed according to the spine support required between 0-2 years old on one side and 3-6 years old on the other, cares about the sleep health of your baby.


100-night trial, unconditional refund for those who don’t like it!

Offering a comfortable and healthy sleep experience at affordable prices with direct internet and direct sales policy, Hibboux accepts an unconditional return in case you are not satisfied with your dreams. Hibboux, which offers the opportunity to try for a longer period of time with a 100-night trial period by ordering from the web instead of buying a mattress without trying it from the store, proves that it is confident in mattress quality by providing a 2-year deformation and 10-year spring warranty. At the end of the trial period, Hibboux will come back from your home if you do not like your bed and gain your after-sales trust. In order to experience a healthy and environmentally friendly sleep, you can visit the Hibboux website to review single bed and double bed models and order easily.

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