Top 30 Salon Salomanje Decoration Examples

Before we moved into canned-can-sized flats of modern times, we lived in huge houses. Both the increase in house prices and the fact that the concept of family was not as important as it used to have made small houses more useful. As a result of the large halls being replaced by houses consisting only of halls, the decoration examples of living rooms started to disappear.

When we switched from detached house system to flat residences, we got some words that are not found in our language directly from foreign languages. Living room salomanje means actually coexistence of dining room and living room. It is the name given to the small room formed by separating a large hall with various room dividers or separating panels and making a small room from this large room. This system, which is generally used to make l-shaped halls more useful, is a method applied in large houses.

Salon salomanje is a word that is difficult to say and remember because it is a word from French as a name. We used this as a language-dependent living room decoration or interior living room decoration. Hall interior decoration examples generally also show the decoration of such divided halls. In dependent halls, we make the decoration according to the small hall and large hall. You can decorate the large hall with armchairs and various furniture to make it useful and practical. It is useful to avoid details that will make the environment look small. In the small area, you can make the walls useful with furniture such as a bookcase. In addition, while decorating these two parts, you can take inspiration from our decoration tips for the magnificent living room.

In these halls, you can choose door designs with shelves on both sides to make both sides more useful. In the past, simple, double-leaf doors that could open both inside and outside were popular. However, newer, useful designs are popular now. You can also use Ikea room partition materials in various ways. It would be correct to apply all of your small home decoration ideas in these rooms.

Detailed design examples, how to make it useful, you can see the most elegant 30 living room salomanje decoration examples in our gallery. You can decorate your own magnificent homes by taking inspiration from these examples.

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