Tropical Breeze to the Hall

You can create peaceful places by bringing tropical breeze to the hall. Bamboo, palm patterns, sand color, avocado green… We offer stylish decoration ideas for those who want to bring a tropical breeze to the living room.

You can create a refreshing and peaceful living space by bringing tropical breeze to the hall. Born out of the decoration of the countries in the tropical climate zone, the tropical style combines the lifestyles of the tribes and the colors, patterns and materials of the virgin forests. For this reason, we come across many authentic accessories and patterns in a tropical style. The wide leaves of palm trees and broad-leaved tropical trees, bamboo, wicker furniture, jute rugs and teak furniture appear in a tropical style.

Colors suitable for tropical breeze to the hall

You can easily use the most suitable colors, shades of coffee and green to bring tropical breeze to the hall. Nature is at the core of the tropical style. For this reason, the simplest shades of nature are just for you. For example, you can combine buff, ivory, sand, sun yellow with coffee and green. For the tropical lounge where green and coffee are dominant, you should also generously include patterns inspired by nature. You can use leaf upholstered seat upholstery and cushions with colors suitable for tropical breeze. You can build a peaceful and calm hall inspired by the colors of nature.

Materials suitable for tropical breeze to the hall

The way to create a strong tropical breeze is through appropriate materials. You should use your furniture selection for rattan, wicker, teak and bamboo. You can include all shades of coffee in your furniture. On the sofas, you can use large leaf, tropical fruit patterns such as palm. Or it is possible to apply the patterns on the throw pillows on your sofa. For example, avocado or palm patterned yellow-green tone cushions on a naive green sofa would be a great choice. The most important issue to be considered in the selection of fabric is that the fabrics have a feeling of airiness. You should use your fabric selection for fine cotton or linen. You can also include animal figures in home textiles such as curtains, throw pillows or seat covers. Wild animals will have a stunning effect to bring tropical breeze to the living room, both in home textiles and accessories. Home textiles and accessories with animal figures such as giraffe and parrots will look extremely stylish. On the other hand, you can be inspired by tropical fruits such as avocados and pineapples.

You can also continue the tropical style in the lighting elements. Lamps with a bamboo chandelier or animal figures will be suitable choices. Large-leaved hall plants are also a good idea to bring tropical breeze to the lounge. You can strengthen your tropical style with large leafy plants that you will place in a bamboo flowerpot.

If you want a new inspiration for living room decoration ideas, you can take a look at the photos to bring a tropical breeze to the salon. Also, if you want to see the tropical ambiance in your bathroom, our topic here will be of interest to you.














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