Unique Bedroom Furniture Design Examples from Bellona

In our article where we will give examples of unique bedroom furniture designs from Bellona, you will examine the very stylish Bellon bedroom sets. We strongly recommend you to examine Bellona, one of the most preferred furniture brands with its elegance, quality and ease of use, for your bedrooms, which look more stylish with their colors and interior designs. Although visuality is at the forefront in Bellona bedroom sets, customers attach great importance to whether or not the wardrobe interior is useful.

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1- Orlando Bellona Bedroom Set

orlando yatak odasi takimi

Marble look and LED lighting are prioritized in Orlando Bellona bedroom suite. The model has 6 and 5-door wardrobes. You will need 9340 TL to own the Orlando Bellona bedroom.

2- Pesaro Bellona Bedroom Set

pesaro yatak odasi takimi tab

The ease of use offered with its aesthetic appearance has caused the model to be very popular. The price of the Bellona bedroom is 13,841 TL.

3- Impera Bellona Bedroom Set

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Metallic dark blue and oak colors are used in the product, which has an innovative modern design. The price of the Bellona Impera bedroom is 9244 TL.

4- Bellona Venti Bedroom Set

venti yatak odasi takimi tab 01

Bronze colors are dominant in the team, which has aesthetic and stylish lines. In this Bellona bedroom model, you can use the sideboard mirror in the bedroom.

5- Alegro Bellona Bedroom Set

alegro yatak odasi takimi tab 01

Bellona bedroom set in anthracite and walnut colors has modern lines. You can use the very popular team for many years. Bellona Alegro bedroom suite price is 8740 TL.

6- Bellona Mistral Bedroom Set

mistral yatak odasi takimi tab 01

The use of gold color is at the forefront in the Bellona suit, where both modern and classic lines are kept together. The price of the model is 9242 TL.

7-Bellona Grande Bedroom Set

grande yatak odasi takimi tab 01

The model with bright ivory color is among the most preferred models by those who will build a new house. The price of the Bellona bedroom model with sports elegance is 7240 TL.

8- Bellona Volga Dining Room Set

volga yatak odasi takimi ceviz tab 01

The Bellona volga bedroom set, in which the walnut color is used, has golden details. The high legs of the bedside tables allow you to clean easily. The price of the model is 6451 TL.

9- Bellona Vitella Bedroom Set

vitella yatak odasi takimi tab 01

The Bella Vitella bedroom set, where the perfect harmony of golden yellow and ivory colors is revealed, has many functional features. You can have this model for 8283 TL.

10-Bellona Selegno Bedroom Set

selegno yatak odasi takimi tab 01

The leather of the bed headboard in the product, which is used in walnut, dark blue and copper colors, gives the model a distinct appearance. The price of Bellona Selegno bedroom set is 8225 TL.

monreal yatak odasi takimi tab 01

The set, in which the marble look is at the forefront, dazzles with its elegance. The name of the model is mondial.

mavenna yatak odasi takimi tab 00

Designed for those who are fond of comfort, the Bellona bedroom model attracts all the attention to its elegance. The price of the Bellona Mavenna bedroom is 7358 TL.

angel yatak odasi takimi markiz ekleme tab 01

The white look of the Bellona Angel bedroom will captivate you. The price of the model is 9650 TL.

vienza yesil renkli ana gorsel ekleme yatakodasi 16

The Bellona Vienza bedroom suite is dominated by walnut and turquoise colors. You can examine the product, which is 6949 lira, in stores.

violet yatak odasi takimi tab 03

Established on anthracite color is very popular. The price of the Bellona Violet bedroom set is 4730 TL.

lisbon yatak odasi sandalyeli tab 01

The price of the Bellona lisbon bedroom set decorated with luxurious legs is 11298 TL.

valdes yatak odasi tab 01

Bellona Valdes bedroom set manages to attract all the attention with its wonderful appearance. The price of the set is 4988 TL.

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