What are the dimensions of the shower cabin?

Why should we choose a shower cabin in our article we prepared for those who will have a shower cabin? What are the ideal shower cabin sizes? How to measure the shower cabin? We tried to answer questions like. Although the shower cabinets you will buy for your bathroom are usually standard sizes, you can make the shower cabin you want according to your needs and the size of your bathroom. In our article where we will give you the dimensions of the shower, we will help you choose the most ideal size shower cabin for your bathroom.

Now let’s explain the questions you have in mind.

1-Why should we choose a shower cabin?

Shower cabins are highly preferred because they produce very nice solutions in narrow spaces and are easy to clean. The oval shower cabin with striped glass in the size of 90 * 90 is ideally sized for small bathrooms.

2- How to Measure a Shower Cabin?

As explained in the image above, there are different measurement techniques for each shape and model. Do not forget to calculate the dimensions of the shower cabin glass while taking measurements.

3- What should be the ideal shower cabin dimensions?

The most ideal shower cabin size is the one with the most suitable size for your bathroom. 80 * 80 Oval shower tray model with bathtub.


The 120 * 80 rectangular shower tray model is the ideal shower cabin size for long to narrow bathrooms.

The shower cabin model, which looks very rich visually, is used only as a door.

A very stylish model designed for use without a bathtub or shower tray integrated with the floor.

Shower cabin dimensions in general; It varies as 70 * 70, 80 * 80, 90 * 90, 100 * 100, 120 * 120, 80 * 100, 90 * 120.

Now, let’s examine many different shower cabin models from our gallery.

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