Young Rooms Color Selection

We have prepared very stylish answers to the question “How should the color choice for young rooms be?” We offer 15 suggestions on “youth room color selection” for your children who are a young girl or a young boy from infancy.

Many questions arise in our minds when choosing colors for young rooms. He should feel good, concentrate on studying, sleep well… The colors of young rooms, which will meet all needs such as studying, resting and sleeping, are therefore very important. First of all, consider the theme and colors your child likes. Considering that the preferences of young people are changing very rapidly, you can color the room in accessories and textiles by simply choosing large pieces such as furniture. If your child will share his room with his sibling, you can set up the color alternatives by combining the common tastes of the two. If your three children have to share a room, our topic here will inspire you.
If you are having trouble deciding on the color choice for teen rooms, we have prepared 15 suggestions that you can take inspiration from.

1. Green – Pink


You can use pink colors, which are generally used for young girls’ rooms, with shades of green. It is possible to create clean, spacious and modern young rooms by breaking the intensity of pink color with the freshness of green.

2. Blue – Gold

Using blue and gold colors together is a great idea, especially if you are decorating a room where brother and sister have to share together. You can provide soft transitions with decoration ideas for young rooms where you will use blue and gold colors.

3. Navy Blue – Green

You can use dark blue and green together in color choices for young rooms. If you have a small room, you can increase the feeling of spaciousness by using the dark blue color a little less. Navy blue and green will be a very good harmony in the teenager’s room.

4. Gray – Red


With warm gray tones, you can make an extremely stylish decoration in young rooms. You can revive the neutrality of the gray color with red that you will use in textiles or accessories.

5. Brown-Orange

If you are going to use coffee furniture in the teenager’s room, you can break the dark and gloomy look with the energy of orange. Using orange color in wallpaper, curtains, home textiles and accessories will give the young room an energetic atmosphere.

6.Peach – Gold

If you are dreaming of a romantic room for teenage girls’ rooms, you can use peach and gold color. For example, it would be a great idea to use peach color on a piece of furniture or bedspread in a teenager’s room and gold leaf polka dots on the walls.

7. Gray – Green

If you want a modern youth room decoration, the gray color is for you. Green is among the colors that you can enliven the gray color. With a bright green color, you can set up a very modern youth room.

8. Blue – Yellow

You can also consider blue and yellow when choosing colors for teen rooms. It is possible to decorate clean, spacious and bright young rooms by choosing light shades of blue and yellow.

9.Navy Blue – Pink

If you are looking for striking and sophisticated decoration ideas for teenage girls’ rooms, you can catch the harmony of dark blue and pink. A combination of dark blue and pink colors will create a romantic and sophisticated youth room.

10. Turquoise – Pink

Another great color option for young girls, especially for brave girls: Turquoise and pink… You can decorate a different and bold teen room by using these two strong colors proportionally.

11. Blue – Orange

You can combine the softness of blue with the energy of orange, which is generally preferred for boys’ rooms. A wallpaper dominated by pale blue tones and orange curtains are a great decoration idea for gorgeous teen rooms.

12. Black – White – Green

If you are dreaming of a black and white room, you can add green to these two colors. So you can break the banality of black and white with green. It will look great with the green color you will use in black and white furniture, textiles and accessories.

13. Blue – White – Red

If you want to use blue for boys’ rooms, you can make this beautiful color more special with white and red. You can create wonders in your young boy’s room by strengthening the perfect harmony of blue and white with red.

14. Turquoise- Green

It would be correct to use turquoise and green colors together for the room decoration shared by the two brothers. A bright turquoise color and mint green or grass green will bring a great harmony.

15. Purple – Pink

You can also give purple and pink colors a chance to color selection in young rooms. For young girls, a room decoration dominated by purple and pink colors will be great. The purple-pink combination that you can easily apply on curtains, home textiles and wallpapers will create a striking elegance.

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