Bathroom Style Guide

You probably know the difference between traditional and modern bathroom, but a consistent look is always in the details. Please follow these tips to improve the style of your bathroom. Of course, it will offer you different thoughts and decor ideas. You can examine our sample decorations for the bathroom decoration style guide.

Banyo Rehberi

Bathroom Guide

Modern: This elegant, streamlined style bathroom decor uses glass, chrome and solid surface countertops.
– Clean lines and simple, geometric shapes are important.
– Choose stylish materials such as stainless steel and glass tiles.
– Popular wood choices are also eco-friendly, you can choose such bamboo and cork.
– One of the guide to modern style is the hidden toilet compartment.
– The fact that your bathroom is white always adds energy, especially if you decorate a popular palette with color, some of these colors will create a different environment for you; turquoise, red, orange and yellow.

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