Modern Bathroom Wall Ceramics: VitrA

With its modern designs and warm tones, VitrA elegance adds a brand new atmosphere to your bathroom this year. The new collections, which have always made a name for themselves with their experienced design team and the brand history created by long years of successful work, emphasize dynamism and change in ceramic tile products. VitrA bathroom accessories impress with its striking products that complement the decoration of your home thanks to its quality texture, trendy colors and designs embracing the modern city life.

VitrA’s four collections, presented with their enriched textures, accessories made of durable ceramic material and different designs, stand out in bathroom decorations. These collections, called Studio-Mix, Studio-Tex, Studio-Plate and Studio-Tab, differ in terms of their features and the ease of use they create.

The New Name of Simplicity in Your Home: Studio-Tab

The visual integrity of the simplicity and geometric lines in ceramic products gains a new form with Studio-Tab models. The Studio-Tab ceramic collection, created by combining the hard expression of geometric lines with more rounded forms, is the new reflection of simplicity in your bathroom. Studio-Tab products, designed for standard size 33 x 100 cm wall tiles, emphasize the ceramic texture more intensely with its classic colors, white and nude. Decors used with matte backgrounds also aim to highlight the simplicity and aesthetic aspects of ceramic tiles.

The Touch of Industrial Appearance in Your Home: Studio-Plate

The best reflections of industrial approaches to modern city and home life are expressed with bathroom accessories. Studio-Plate products constitute the newest of VitrA bathroom collections designed with the same concept. The concrete gray forms that we are used to seeing on urban outdoor and indoor surfaces are animated in this collection with warm and eye-catching effects. Combining the warmth of bronze tones and powder effects with metallic corner profiles, Studio-Plate ceramic models are designed to bring elegance, vitality and splendor to every corner of your living spaces.

Softness of Textile Texture in Your Bathroom: Studio-Tex

The use of your living spaces with aesthetic and comfortable designs, which are frequently emphasized in ceramic models, is the main theme of Studio-Tex ceramic products. Designed to help you leave behind the stress of your business life and your fast pace of daily life, this collection prefers textures that will highlight the warmth of your home in bathroom decor. Studio-Tex wall tiles integrate the plain appearance of the ceramic material with the soft forms knitted with the dense lines of textile patterns. These ceramic tiles, enriched by using white and nude tones, which are two indispensable for bathrooms in color applications, provide a professional presentation of the classic style with warm textures.

Balanced Harmony of Patterns: Studio-Mix

Enriching ceramic products with more feminine lines and vibrant colors, Studio-Mix is another collection prepared to showcase an eclectic design fashion in your bathroom. The wall tiles in this category, bearing the signature of VitrA design team, are diversified with three distinct lines such as concrete, marble and ceramic texture. This diversity draws attention not only in the ceramic texture but also in the color scale. The pink atmosphere created by the Italian Rosa Aurora marble is offered in a balanced way with powder-effect white and gray concrete textures. The eye-catching harmony of cold and warm colors creates a brand new atmosphere in Studio-Mix models by differentiating them with porcelain tile options besides ceramic. Concrete-looking porcelain tiles that can be used comfortably on indoor floors allow you to transform the rich pattern and color combination of ceramic forms into a more impressive style.

Completing the decoration of your bathrooms and living spaces with modern touches is getting easier thanks to these new collections bearing the signature of VitrA. VitrA showrooms, where you will find the opportunity to examine the new ceramic tile collections that prioritize quality, longevity and elegance, await you.

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