Before and After: Light Kitchen

Before and After: We bring you the illuminated kitchen project. The kitchen of a family with children was taken on a journey of renewal after the 1980s.

Before-After: The illuminated kitchen will offer you decoration ideas. The old look of the kitchen, which has a rectangular scale and two doors opening to the dining area and play area, draws attention with its darkness. First of all, the work started with the demolition of the wall with the arch and the other door in order to let the kitchen in a lot of light. Thus, daylight entered through the windows on both sides of the kitchen.

In the kitchen renovation project, waterproof laminated parquets were used instead of old ceramic floors. The ceramic tile walls are also painted white, and white ceramics are used in the cooking and washing section. It is intended to create the impression of a restaurant kitchen with white ceramics. The natural appearance of white marble has been preserved on the entire countertop and island. In the built-in hood, hood and large stove, silver gray is used to integrate with the white cabinets. The feeling of solidity is also emphasized in the handles of the white kitchen cabinets. The island where metallic gray wood and white marble materials are used for socializing and preparing meals is placed at the full focal point of the kitchen.

Before-After: Lighted kitchen renovated for all the needs of the host. With the white kitchen cabinets rising up to the ceiling, extra storage space is created. In addition, the open shelves in the cooking and washing section are designed as both display and storage areas.

The high-to-ceiling cabinets on the other wall of the kitchen provide a solution for both the cellar and small electric kitchen appliances. Perforated cabinet doors are used on the top of the white kitchen cabinets. Thus, it has become a safe area for goods or foodstuffs that need to breathe, and a reference to “wire cabinets”.

Recessed spot lamps are used in the white ceiling, and wall lamps are used in the cooking and washing section. In addition, a wonderful lighting composition has been applied with the pendant glass watermelon lamps set right above the island.

Before and After: The dark and boring appearance has not been left with the brightly lit kitchen project. Here is a kitchen renovation project “Before and After: Kitchen with plenty of light”… It will give you decoration ideas for your kitchen that you are planning to renew.










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