Best Selling Curtain Models of This Year

When it comes to home decoration and home textile, the first thing that comes to mind is curtains. The curtain change, which is also accepted as the wedding dress of the house, is one of the decoration plans of the women.

This Year’s Best Selling Models

The start of the wedding season with the spring also energized the home decoration market. The first thing those who want to renovate their home or establish a new home do is to examine new curtain models .

Many curtain models that will change the atmosphere of your home with very small touches have been launched on the market. We have examined for you the most purchased tulle curtain models introduced at textile fairs where this year’s curtain models were introduced.

“Net curtain models” emerge as an alternative for those who are bored with standard curtains. These models, which are generally white in color, are also offered in different colors according to customer preference.

“Patterned curtain models” are mostly white but with modern patterns.

The “full-length curtains” that cover the entire window attract the attention of customers this year as well.

Colorful curtains consist of curtains of different colors that complement each other this year.

Heavy draped French curtain models are also among the interesting models this year. French curtain models that appear in richly decorated halls and meeting rooms add splendor to the environment. This year, French curtains generally complement the home decoration with red, burgundy and cream yellow colors.

Which is the Best Model for Your Home?

Curtain is an element that completes the decoration of furniture. For this reason, the curtains must be in harmony with the furniture and reflect the style of the room. The curtain of a room furnished with classical furniture should also be decorated with appropriate fabrics and patterns. Panel curtains will be appropriate for a sports-style room.

Another point to consider in the selection of curtains is that it is not exactly the same color as the sofa set, but is combined with one of the colors in this set.

Using curtains that are the same color as the wall will make the room look wider. Large and tall curtains should be used in windows extending to the floor, and small and short curtains should be used in rooms with smaller glass.

Whether the room where the curtain will be used is living room, bedroom or children’s room will also affect the curtain model.

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