Create Your Own Private Gardens

The garden is the part where people with gardens spend the most time at home, especially in spring and summer. Gardens with large or small sizes can be made more attractive with different decorative products. Apart from the standard accessories to be used for garden decoration and garden furniture, you can have the chance to create new design gardens with the accessories you specially designed.

If you want to bring a new air to your garden and make a difference with your garden, you can start by evaluating your old items that you do not use in your home. For example; pots, pans, jars, flower pots, cans, dressers, old doors, old beds, chairs and tables that you do not use can help you create a new garden decoration . You can use your old pot and pan as a flower bed, and you can create a brand new atmosphere in your garden with these pot groups by planting colorful flowers into the ceiling or pot. If you think about what I can do with canned food cans, you can start by painting the cans in different colors. You can make holes in different parts of the tin can that you paint in vibrant colors such as red, yellow and pink, and use it as a candle holder to illuminate the surrounding colorfully. Especially the worn-out dressers are among the most accurate elements to create an exotic garden. You can place flowers of different colors and scents in dressers, and place candle holders you made in canned food on me. Garden decorations can consist of many different stages according to the wishes of the people.

While people who are fond of their comfort design their gardens with floor cushions, pear seats, hammocks and large-sized swings, those who want to create a romantic and exotic environment prefer wind roses, sculptures with different designs, garden lighting, large table and sofa sets, and vesu. makes it for waterfalls.


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