Butterflies Flying Room

The butterfly flying room has become a wonderful shelter for the two sisters where they can develop their creativity. The approximately 10 square meter room has been transformed into a fun space for two younger sisters.

With the butterfly flying room, a fun room for both sisters to sleep and play was designed. In the 11 square meter room, a magnificent harmony is achieved with vintage style furniture and butterfly wallpaper.

While designing the room where two sisters aged 3 and 5 will share together, “fun” was emphasized. In the room where each piece is carefully selected, comfort is prioritized for the two sisters, both for sleep, fun and for them to spend together. The main wall, which dominates the whole room, is covered with butterfly wallpaper. Thus, the colorful and fun look of the room is completed in the most powerful way. The strong patterned wallpaper used in the “room with butterflies flying” leaves no need to use more paintings or accessories. Two red vintage bedsteads are placed on the main wall covered with butterfly wallpaper. The cots of the two brothers were separated by a small console. The dark blue vintage console, which attracts attention especially with its drawer handles, is integrated with a stylish mirror with gold leaf right above it. Two stylish lampshades on the console create an extremely strong impression. The lampshades both contributed to the decoration ideas of the room and offered an extra option for lighting.

Vintage red bedsteads are complemented with pillows and textiles in a vintage style. Tassels were sewn on the edges of the white sleeping pillows of the two sisters. The yellow-white striped rug used on the floor contributed to the prominence of all parts of the room. The turquoise colored pouffe placed right at the end of the bed is thought to help girls dress comfortably. But in the furniture used in the “room with flying butterflies”, vintage style is not compromised. Other walls of the room prevented the room from drowning by using turquoise striped white paint.

A wonderful wardrobe unit has been set up right across the bedsteads. The cupboard unit, created using Ikea cabinets and drawers, is highly functional. The coverless sections of the cabinets are used for toys and books. The wardrobe unit preserved the impression of a nursery. The drawers used at the bottom are a great project in terms of decoration ideas! In addition to the days of the week, text labels such as “underwear” and “socks” were placed on the drawers. Thus, a unique organization idea for children emerged. While kids can easily find what they’re looking for, it’s also a great idea for a planned and organized closet.

The details that make the room different are small but impressive. Useful, fun and stylish room has been designed from the ground up for the comfort of two sisters. We chose the “room with butterflies flying” as the “room of the week” … Details will inspire you.






Photos: John Woodcock

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