As the countdown begins for the most enjoyable moment of the year, the excitement of the New Year is all around. Although crowded New Year’s tables, which have become traditional this year, are not set up, those who want to feel the New Year spirit at home have started preparations. So how do you create a new year atmosphere at home with small decorative changes? Bella Maison, which adds beauty to homes with its designs that emphasize elegance, explains the decoration proposals that will make everyone feel the excitement of the new year on the New Year’s Eve that will be spent at their homes this year.



Elegant tables indispensable for New Year’s Eve …
Even though crowded tables are not set up this year as before, who doesn’t want to share the joy of the New Year with a pleasant meal among the nuclear family? Exciting preparations begin for New Year’s tables that dazzle with their elegance, just like in our old crowded days. To create a table worthy of this special night, an elegant tablecloth should be chosen as the first step. In the next stage, the most important point to be considered is to choose tableware suitable for the tablecloth. Dinner sets designed with red, green or gold colors can be used on the table for those who want to reflect the spirit of the New Year. Choosing cutlery suitable for dinnerware is also very important in terms of the elegant appearance of the table. If a red or green dinnerware is used, a gold cutlery set can be preferred. Another important detail that makes the dining table eye-catching is the napkins … Napkins in the most appropriate color should be chosen, taking into account the colors that stand out on the table. In addition, those who want to bring elegance to the top on the dining table can use a napkin ring or decorate the napkins tied with straw rope with Christmas-themed little ornaments.

Decorative objects that complement the elegance of the tables …

Candles, candlesticks and cones are the first things that come to mind when it comes to New Year’s table and reflects the New Year’s spirit to the tables in the best way … Those who want to set a more magnificent table at the New Year can use eye-catching candlesticks suitable for dinner sets. Cones and pine branches can be preferred to create a warm environment by using more natural decorative objects.


You can reflect the excitement of the new year to the whole house with small touches.

When it comes to Christmas, the pine tree is the first thing that comes to the mind of many people. Pine trees, which are very effective in reflecting the new year spirit to homes, create elegance with their eye-catching appearance. Those who want to spend the most exciting period of the year in a more positive environment can create an extremely enjoyable place with the pine tree decorated according to their own taste. In addition to this, wooden textured objects, tiny LED lights and fragrances placed in a stylish vase also have a great effect in making homes feel the excitement of the New Year. Another easy way to create the desired atmosphere in the whole house with small touches is decorative pillows … By using decorative pillows prepared with the New Year’s theme in home decoration, the atmosphere of the place can be changed quickly.

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