With the fashion concept coming to the forefront in home decoration recently, home textile trends have begun to take shape every year. The bedrooms, which have become the most popular place in the house, are also affected by this change. In the bedroom decoration, which is now used as a hobby area besides sleeping and where the person feels most free, sometimes vivid colors, sometimes nostalgic lines, and sometimes modern touches stand out.




So what colors and models will mark bedroom textiles in 2021? Making a name for itself in the home textile sector with its innovative line, original designs and wide product range, Cotton Box explains the bedroom decoration trends of 2021.

Pastel tones dominate bedrooms

With the effect of tense and troubled days around the world, pastel tones are becoming a trend in bedroom decoration in 2021. Pastel tones, known for their relaxing and soothing effect, add calmness to the environment and create a peaceful and spacious atmosphere. Those who want to add a striking look to the bedroom without sacrificing pastel tones combine pastel tones with bright and vibrant colors. Thus, it is quite easy to create an eye-catching look in the bedroom by creating a perfect contrast. Different color alternatives draw attention in the 2021 season, where stylish pastel colors such as soft pink, daylight color, turquoise, coral pink and cinnamon bark will take place. A dynamic atmosphere will be created in bedroom decoration in 2021 with the rise in assertive colors such as orange, brown, earth, red tones and red, which are reminiscent of the colors of nature.

Masculine patterns attract attention

Plaid and geometric patterns that have come to the fore in bedroom decoration in recent years mark this season. These patterns, which we will encounter frequently in the new season, create a masculine style in bedroom decoration. Designs that adapt to almost every taste and are fondly preferred by both men and women put an end to the ordinary in bedroom textiles. Plaid and geometric patterns that can be used comfortably to make a difference in those who favor simplicity in decoration suddenly change the atmosphere of the environment.

Preferences will be natural

The return trend of naturalness, especially seen in bedroom textiles in recent years, continues to rise in the 2021 season. Duvet covers and blankets produced with natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool and silk attract great attention thanks to their natural content. Cotton products, which are most commonly used in textile products, shorten the time to sleep and offer the opportunity to spend the autumn and winter months more comfortably and enjoyably. In addition, cotton textile products that can be washed frequently and cleaned easily due to their durability provide comfort to the user.

Even if trends change, reliable brands should always be preferred.

The first thing to consider when choosing textile products for the bedroom is brand reliability and production quality. Textile products that are in direct contact with the skin all night long are of great importance for the user’s health. For this reason, when choosing products, it is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of the brand and its quality in production. Care should be taken to prefer products that do not use any chemicals and are produced from natural raw materials in the printing and dyeing stages. Otherwise, chemical substances in constant skin contact; It causes many health problems such as redness, itching and irritation on the skin.


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