Inspirational Bathroom Wallpaper Models and Suggestions

In our previous article, we talked about different and decorative ways to add color to bathrooms. One of the most practical and effortless ways to make the bathroom more personal and to use colors and patterns freely was among these options. In this article, you will find stylish bathroom decoration examples decorated with wallpaper in different styles that will inspire you for your bathroom.

Nowadays, decorative wallpapers that complement the decoration in living spaces with different styles and give a different style to the interior are among the most popular building elements. These decorative wall coverings, which add visual richness to an interior with different colors, patterns and themes, have now become a powerful option in bathrooms.

If you are looking for different and impressive decoration ideas for your bathroom, we have compiled wonderful bathroom wallpaper models that we think will inspire you in this article. In addition, all the details you wonder about the use of bathroom wallpaper are waiting for you in the rest of our article.

Bathroom Wallpaper Models

Whatever modern or classic decoration style you prefer for your bathroom, you can add a completely different atmosphere to the place with bathroom wallpapers. Moreover, this choice is faster, more practical and more affordable than other wall covering methods. On the other hand, you can have the chance to use much more colors and patterns for your bathroom in your choice of wallpaper instead of bathroom tiles. You can also easily reflect different themes on bathroom walls with bathroom wallpapers.

Modern banyo duvar kağıdı modelleri 2019

Modern bathroom wallpaper models 2019


There are many advantages of the use of wallpaper, apart from its visual richness, it should be easy to apply, protect the wall surface and be easy to maintain, just a few of its remarkable advantages. On the other hand, while saving time during application, they are also building elements that do not pollute the space and do not smell.

How should the wallpaper properties be for the bathroom?

The use of wallpaper is still a question mark for many when it comes to bathroom decoration. However, the developing production technologies have brought many different features to today’s wallpapers. For example, did you know that now there are specially produced wallpapers for the bathroom? Wallpapers that can be used for the bathroom have properties that are not affected by water, moisture and heat. At the same time, being easy to clean and wipe made these designs much more useful.

Of course, every wall may not have these features listed as bathroom wallpaper, at this point, it is necessary not to be hasty when choosing the wallpaper. On the other hand, it is necessary to investigate whether it contains unnatural and harmful chemicals used in the production of wallpaper. In this sense, you should know which type of wallpaper to use for your bathroom, apart from just the color and pattern. Bathroom wallpapers can be classified according to production techniques, such as vinyl, simplex, emboss. On the other hand, you can choose wallpaper models that can be painted according to your style.

What should be considered when using wallpaper in the bathroom?

In general, we talked about bathroom wallpapers and their features, in this part of our article, what kind of wallpapers can you apply for your bathroom, what are the important points you should pay attention to when using wallpaper? Let’s examine them. At the same time, while addressing these headings, bathroom decoration ideas that will inspire you are waiting for you.

Water and moisture resistant wallpapers

First of all, a wallpaper you choose for your bathroom must be resistant to water and moisture. You can use a wallpaper with these features for a long time, just like tiles. You may have question marks in your mind about this, but bathroom wallpapers produced today have at least as long-lasting and easy-to-use features as tiles.

Private bathrooms with stylish colors and patterns

While decorating your bathroom, you can easily have the stylish and aesthetic look of your dreams with bathroom wallpapers. Moreover, you can do this both quickly and very economically. At this point, the point you need to pay attention to is to choose a wallpaper that adapts to the decoration style of your bathroom with its colors and patterns. For a traditional elegance, you can go for stylish designs with authentic patterns. If you have a more luxurious bathroom decoration in your dreams, you can choose designs with gold or metallic sparkles.

Stylish combinations with tiles + wallpaper

Instead of covering all the walls of your bathroom with wallpaper, you can consider highlighting patterns and vibrant colors with wallpaper in some sections. In this way, you will increase the energy and attractiveness of your bathroom one more click. The point you need to pay attention to is that the colors and patterns of the bathroom tiles and wallpaper are in harmony.

Vinyl wallpapers for the bathroom

Vinyl wallpapers mentioned at the beginning of our article are the most popular designs in this category. Vinyl wallpapers are very high quality and durable designs, they are wallpapers produced by coating PVC with different techniques on quality papers. In this sense, they can be used for many years without any problems, and they can be easily wiped and cleaned.

Vinyl wallpaper models are generally the most water resistant, have a glossy surface and stand out for their moisture resistance. Vinyl wallpapers, which have an extremely rich color and pattern scale, can be used easily in kitchen decoration.


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