Trendyol Decorative Bath Mat and Mat Models

Bath rugs and decorative bath mats are one of the most powerful options to add color and movement to your bathroom with little touches. Decorative bathroom rugs and mat models can inspire you to add character to bathroom decoration and create a special style for you in this area. In the rest of our article, we have chosen 2020 bathroom carpet and mat sets, each more beautiful than the other, from Trendyol address to create a stylish and energetic atmosphere without spending big money in your bathroom .

As you know, Trenyol is a popular opportunity site where you can have many different brands and thousands of different products in many different categories. You can have the products of many familiar brands on the site at very affordable prices. Especially recently, we have started to see many interesting and decorative products in the home & life category.

Trendyol Bath Mat and Mat Models

Among these products, both affordable and decorative 2020 bath rug and bath mat models are very interesting for bathroom decoration. These designs, which attract attention with their attractive colors and patterns, are offered for sale in sets as a set of carpets and mats. The most beautiful and remarkable Trenyol bath rugs and mat sets, which we think will inspire you as, are waiting for you in our gallery.

Trendyol banyo halı ve paspas takımları 2020

Trendyol bathroom carpet and mat sets 2020


Bath mats and bathroom rugs, which are indispensable for bathroom decoration, can be considered as a decorative accessory to personalize and color the bathroom with their colors and patterns. Just as shower curtains and toilet bowls add a special and personal atmosphere to the bathroom , bathroom rugs and mat models are designs that have the power to change the atmosphere of your bathroom in an instant.

Decorative bathroom carpet and mat models, which are among the most striking designs in Trendyol home & living category, have an extremely wide range of products that appeal to all tastes and styles. You can find many designs in dozens of different colors and patterns for both modern and traditional bathrooms. In addition, these designs we have chosen for you are impressive with their features and quality as well as their prices.

Trendyol bathroom rug and mat models features and prices 2020

Bath mats and bath rugs that you can order on the railroad usually consist of 2 pieces. The designs have vibrant color quality, also can be easily washed in the washing machine. It will be healthier to wash such designs at 30 degrees and in the delicate washing program. In this way, you can use the product you purchased for many years without any problems.

Bathroom rugs and mat models have dimensions of 60 x 100 cm – 50 x 60 cm. In addition, the designs have a 10 mm pile height and have anti-bacterial properties. Anti-bacterial and non-slip floor properties should definitely be taken into consideration when it comes to the bathroom. All these features listed are available in Trendyol bathroom carpet and mat models, and you can return them within 15 days if you are not satisfied. The price of these designs, which are offered for sale at a price of 179 TL, is now 119 TL.

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