Making Gift Candles for Engagement (Step by Step)

We will provide very important information about the gift gel candle making and tricks that are preferred by those who want to leave a moment from your special day to your guests who will be invited for your engagement ceremonies that will remain in your memories of life for which you are prepared very excitedly. After preparing your list of ingredients for gel wax making, you can find everything you need from gel wax materials wholesalers.

To make gift candles for the engagement, you first need to melt the gel paraffin in a bowl.

Then you can fix your wick in the glass jar you will use, place the objects you want to put in and pour the gel paraffin you melted.

You can decorate different candles with wicker ropes and pieces of fabric.

Jar candle is one of the best alternatives you can use as a gift.

The most elegant gift candle model that you can prepare so that it does not touch your love and love.

Gift candle model for the engagement preferred by those who are enchanted by the purple color.

You can examine the remarkable gift candle models you can prepare for the engagement from the gallery we publish below.


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