Minimal / Small Room Decorations

Small Room Decoration, Not every room of your house may be big. In fact, everywhere in your home can be small. This does not mean that your hand is tied for decoration. Contrary to popular belief, small room design is one of the most easily decorated spaces. Of course, paying attention to certain rules. When you follow these rules, your tiny room will be wider than the largest areas.

Be Strategic When Choosing Your Seat

One of these rules is the choice of paint. Painting a room is also a step in the decoration business. Dark paints make the room even smaller. Salmon color, powder pinks, lilacs are alternative colors to cream color. You should be in favor of light colors in both paint selection and item selection. If you think of a dark color, you have no choice but to gray in large pieces.

You can use black corner cushions on a gray L seat. However, we cannot make the floor completely black. You should prefer models that you can sit in the corner in the seat selection. The middle of the room should always remain empty. An L armchair or a set of 2 armchairs changing according to the room will be your biggest savior. Every product purchased for small room design is like a miniature, but it will be possible to create an open space.

Our biggest recommendation is that you forget about big TV units and showcases. If possible, you can choose TVs that hang on the wall. If you say that there is no need for this, the new train is to fix large size TVs to such empty places. This way, you can sit on the floor and watch a movie while playing games. For your books, the best option is fruit crates. First, sand the cases to a flat surface. Then, if you want, just use it with varnish or paint it in vibrant colors. You have to calculate how much money goes to the book and how much it goes. After all these processes, you can use the cases as a bookcase by placing them side by side or on top of each other. Small room design is possible with small touches.

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