Modern Prefabricated House Prices

Wherever we look, house prices are still very high, despite the emergence of a new building and tens of floors of houses built in tiny areas. Especially in big cities like Istanbul and Izmir, the prices of the houses are astonishing. Of course, there are no alternatives to this within the developing possibilities. Prefabricated houses appear as both economical and one of the different house alternatives. So how are the prices of these prefabricated houses, are they much more economical than normal houses, let’s see.

The prices of these houses vary according to the number of floors, hardware features, width and materials. Single-storey ones are more economical, while multi-storey ones are higher. You can buy prefabricated house models completely ready to sit, or you can make them from scratch. You can even draw the plan yourself if you have some knowledge.

Prefabricated house prices start from 15-20 thousand Turkish liras and increase up to 400 thousand Turkish liras. The prices of single-storey, floor-only, two-storey and duplex ones vary according to their materials.

Two-storey or duplex prefabricated house prices usually start from 50 thousand Turkish lira. Although this price varies according to its width, it may be more economical if it is old and second-hand.

The house is cheap prefabricated house prices, second hand houses and container houses. Container prefabricated houses are also accepted from these models and are much more economical than other models. You can find single-room container houses with prices starting from 5 thousand TL. These prices generally do not include the costs of the assembly and assembly team.

The prices of houses with two floors independent of each other, that is, not duplexes, are slightly higher. Prices, which are generally over 100 thousand Turkish lira, also vary according to the characteristics of the houses. Those with separate entrances, shared terraces, and those with separate terraces have different prices. You can see 2 storey prefabricated house models with different prices in our gallery.

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