Popular Design Trend: Avangard Furniture Design

Although the concepts of Avant-Garde Furniture or Avant-garde furniture are different from each other in terms of writing style, they are frequently encountered in recent years. Avant-garde decoration, one of the most preferred decoration styles of recent years, is hidden in our article.

The word avant-garde is a military word passed from French. Although its meaning is “pioneering unity”, it has entered the world of fashion and decoration with an extraordinary meaning that distorts the game. As a decoration design, Avangard furniture is used to define non-standard, innovative designs that go beyond the mold.

Magnificent Houses Possible with Classical Avant-Garde Design

Although this definition for avant-garde decoration is seen as a concept far from classical furniture, avant-garde classical furniture created by furniture manufacturers in our country and in the world combines elegance and luxury with different designs outside of molds. Unlike the classical furniture norms that are created by blending the furniture designed in classical style with avant-garde design, furniture models that indicate wealth are the trend furniture models of recent years. Although the lack of boundaries of the avant-garde style leads to the thought that the style is very complex and tiring, a new interpretation of the classic furniture style is provided with embroidered and carved furniture, bold color choices and detailed accessories.

While dark and dignified colors are preferred in classical decorations, bright colors are preferred in avant-garde furniture. The main element that provides aesthetics is the glamorous and not tiring accessories next to the avant-garde furniture. The most important feature of this style, which is called classic avant-garde, is the striking contrast effect in the fabric and colors of the furniture. While the contrast mismatch in modern decorations and the confusion of colors with incompatible furniture is a frequently used element, attention is paid to a unique combination of color and furniture in classic avant-garde decoration. Considering that the color of the furniture determines the main character of the room, decorated chandeliers complementing the classic avant-garde decoration in which dark colors are used will increase the splendor of the room. The magnificent chandelier, which is generally used to enhance the luxurious appearance of avant-garde seating groups and avant-garde bedroom sets, and flamboyant lighting with Turkish style elements increase the splendor of the embroidered avant-garde furniture.

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