Survivor Air in Bathrooms

How would the survivor air be blown in the bathrooms? While watching Survivor’s competitive race, the untouched nature landscape is dazzling. Glass-clear sea, white sand, magnificent palm trees, calmness and tranquility is calling. If you say “Survivor atmosphere is essence in bathrooms”, which is almost a therapy place for urban life, for this, wallpapers with a view are just for you. You can bring the unique and calm air of Survivor to your bathrooms at extremely affordable costs.

Things to pay attention

First of all, you can start by taking the size of the wall of the bathroom you will apply. Nowadays, while ready-made wall paintings are sold, there are also options that you can custom make. If you are going to buy a ready-made wallpaper, you should pay attention to whether it is the right size. You may prefer a slightly longer one rather than a short one. At worst, you can cut the edges. Because an application that does not fit on the wall will look bad. In addition, since you will use it in the bathroom, you should make sure that the wallpaper is vinyl. Thus, you can use water and moisture resistant vinyl wallpapers for many years. You can include views that remind Survivor in your bathroom to create a peaceful, calm ambiance. This time we bring you this question in decoration ideas: “How would the survivor air be in the bathrooms?”



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