Three Dimensional Bathroom Decoration

Your bathrooms come alive

Those who follow the decoration works, those who will renovate their homes, and those who are in search of very different styles, these applications and techniques are completely incomplete. There are many people who open their three-dimensional bathroom decoration works to their homes. Three- dimensional designs, which are currently in demand, can be designed according to their use in all areas of our homes.

3 boyutlu banyo tasarım
3D bathroom design

In this article, we will only talk about the designs for bathrooms for now. We will continue to offer you the usage models in all areas of the homes in the future. It is very difficult to find real masters since three-dimensional designs have not entered our country much.

üç boyutlu banyo modelleri
three-dimensional bathroom models

We have masters who are trained and there are those who do really well. However, as I said, when there are masters who do not know, there is a situation of immersing this job. They need to blend it with the right materials with epoxies and there are some techniques to find depth in the picture and they need to know them in detail. they cannot. While demanding three-dimensional bathroom decoration , it is similar to printing technique.

üç boyutlu banyo fiyatları
three-dimensional bathroom prices

There are masters who cause it to look like a printing technique rather than being three-dimensional as in the example above. You will have to employ your masters and those who know the details required for this job in order not to fall into this situation. Epoxil is produced differently for each area. There are different epoxyls for each product. You can do it with epoksil, but the bathroom space exceeds you. Leave the three-dimensional bathroom decoration to the hands of the masters.

üç boyutlu banyo
three-dimensional bathroom

In the above three-dimensional bathroom decoration , before the epoxil was poured, the floor was printed with a film and epoxil was applied on it. It was obvious that it stood as a print and it did not look like a real work. Or know more or less what you should pay attention to when you prefer.

üç boyutlu banyo fayans modelleri
three-dimensional bathroom tile models

It looks really great in terms of design. The lighting is in place and the moon shines with the light in the background can make you feel like you are really in a space. However, again using the printing technique, the printing technique was used on large adhesive bandages. Watch the videos on how they use this technique abroad. You will understand what I mean while watching those videos.

3 boyutlu banyo fayansları
3d bathroom tiles

It looks more natural, but instead there are designs made using real sea stones. Believe me, they look really great. They are just as difficult to access as they are new in our country. You should not trust every company or every person who makes three-dimensional bathroom decoration . Ask for samples images from their previous models. Make sure they are original. Make sure they are not photographs taken from the internet.

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