Tips for Choosing Canvas Prints Compatible with Your Home Decoration

Home decoration period is a painful period. It should be thought out to the smallest detail. These small details can be tiring and funny sometimes. It is very important in accessories used in home decoration as well as basic parts. These accessories are sometimes a lampshade, sometimes a vase, and sometimes paintings with various features.

Tables are usually the most distinctive and eye-catching pieces in the selection of accessories. It is difficult to choose, but when the right choice is made, they completely change the ambience of the environment.

Canvas paintings are the most popular in painting selection lately. They are products that are both lightweight, diverse and have no difficulty in combining with each other. It is highly preferred as a special design. When choosing these tables, factors such as quality, size, color should be considered. For this reason, we think it is necessary to give some examples and present the tips carefully. We have compiled some tips for canvas painting choices in our article. Let’s start;

What is Canvas?

Canvas paintings have a material that is different from other paintings. Canvas paintings made of dried and fired wood approximately 3-4 centimeters thick are designed to be placed in the frames. The most prominent feature of canvas paintings; no matter which area the painting is viewed from, it displays a three-dimensional view.

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    Sunset and Kayak Canvas

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    Pier, Boats and Sunset Canvas Print

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How to Choose a Canvas Painting?

When choosing a canvas painting , details should be taken into account. These products, which will be used in specific areas especially for home and workplace, should be given importance in selections as they will be interesting pieces.

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    Cats Canvas Print

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The selection you make on the canvas will determine the character of the area found. It will be even more interesting at home and workplaces. Decorative paintings always add warmth to the space where they are located, canvas paintings are the most diverse products in these choices.

If you are going to make your canvas painting choice for your home, it is important to choose the pattern and colors you like. If you choose the products of your favorite designs for your living room or living room, you will increase the quality of your home very much.

If you are choosing canvas paintings for official institutions, it would be better to choose the products in more classical lines.

A more beautiful appearance can be obtained by combining the tables used with decorative lighting products.

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    Colorful Asian Flowers Canvas Painting

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    Walking in the Rain Canvas

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What are Canvas Painting Models?

The decor of the house is the most important selection criterion in canvas painting selection. Choices should be made according to the decoration style of the house. Those who want to add a new atmosphere by including canvas paintings should pay attention to the following;

  • Unusual figures attract a lot of attention. If the canvas painting will be chosen for the living room and the painting will be used behind the seat, it must be selected in the same tone as the seat. In this way, integrity is formed and harmony is achieved.
  • Partial canvas paintings are a savior decoration piece, especially for homes with large and empty walls. It will be a very suitable choice, especially for corridor walls that are generally empty.
  • Country and floral canvas paintings can be encountered as a trend in decoration and add a prestigious and up-to-date look to the space.
  • It will look very nice in homes that are designed completely minimally on the paintings in the iconic model.
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    Guernica Canvas Print

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How to Use Partial Canvas Paintings?

It will be correct to choose partial canvas paintings for wide walls. These paintings, which are mounted on the wall with a gap in between, cannot give the stylish look that should be given on narrow walls.

Other places where partition tables are best used outside of the corridor are the bedroom and hall. Usually the seats of the halls are empty and these tables will be a very cool choice. On the other hand, these tables can be used for a pleasing image on the headboard in the bedroom.

How to Use Clockwork Canvas Painting Models?

Canvas paintings make the decoration trend and top level, especially in home and work places. Clock canvas paintings are very suitable for those who do not have much space but are looking for an accessory that will serve as a painting and a clock. It will not go out of style, will be trendy and eye-catching, and will have high functionality.

Size and Proportion in Canvas Painting Selection

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    Miro Night Canvas

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Canvas Painting Selection for Living Room

Let’s imagine that you have a triple sofa set and you make a selection on the back of this seat. If you are going to choose partial paintings, it would be best to choose 80x120cm or maximum 90x150cm. If you are going to choose one piece paintings, 60x120cm or up to 80x150cm options will be the right options. With these measurements, you will catch the golden ratio on your canvas, which is the most important part of your decoration.

Bedroom Canvas Print Selection

When choosing canvas paintings for the bedroom, choices are usually made to be placed behind the headboard. Since this area is a horizontal area, it would be more appropriate to use the canvas painting selection in favor of the horizontal ones. You can choose from a variety of products in one piece or in pieces. Both will adapt here. The dimensions are generally preferred as 42x135cm. These dimensions may vary depending on the size and size of the headboard.

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    Cigarette Canvas Print

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    Tango Argentino Canvas

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Color Selection in Canvas Paintings

Let’s explain the color selection with examples again. For example; Again you wanted to choose behind the triple sofa in your living room. When making this choice, you can take care to find the colors in your living room on your table. For example, the colors you use on your sofa, the colors you use on your cushions or objects in your room can help you choose the color in this table. If you choose the main color on your table in harmony with the main color of your sofa, you will create a beautiful integrity.

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    Saxophone Artist Canvas

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    Streaking Yatch Canvas

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What is canvas for you in this content? How to choose canvas painting? etc. We found answers to such problems. With this content, you can get very detailed information about canvas paintings and make applications in your decoration. The fact that canvas paintings are popular and timeless pieces will help you always have a trendy look in your decoration.

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