What is Epoxy Floor Coating? How is it done?

Epoxy floor covering is a type of floor covering made of epoxy resin, which is usually applied on a concrete floor. The most important feature of epoxy resin is its high resistance. Epoxy flooring in homes has been widely used in recent years. It gives a bright and bright image to the floors. It seems that it will expand its usage area even more due to its easy cleaning and non-staining structure.

How to Make Epoxy Floor Coating?

To make an epoxy floor coating, the floor of the concrete must be flat, free of dirt and dust. The floor should be smoothed with various acids. Resin and hardener are mixed to process. Two layers of material will be sufficient for application. We want you to know that 3d epoxy floor coatings have a fascinating appearance.

Where Are Epoxy Floor Coatings Used?

It is an example of 3d epoxy flooring with rainbow pattern used on the kitchen floor.

It is a glossy epoxy flooring model used on the school floor.

It is a marble-looking epoxy flooring model suitable for use in restaurants and cafes.

It is an epoxy floor coating model that is very popular outdoors.

It is a 3d flooring model that you can use in your living room decoration, which attracts attention with its magnificent design.

It is the preferred epoxy floor coating model because it provides hygiene in laboratories.

The prices of 3d epoxy flooring used in many different places vary according to the variety and the amount of layers applied.

Epoxy floor coating with very vibrant colors.

You can check our gallery for more epoxy flooring samples.

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