Tree Hangers

It is possible to get great decoration ideas by breaking the monotony with tree hangers. You can use wooden hangers in hanging solutions that allow it to meet daily needs, especially in entrance areas such as entrances.

By using wooden hangers, you can create a stylish entrance decoration and create storage areas that can be a solution to your daily needs. The hangers that we position at the door entrances provide solutions to our needs such as scarves, coats and raincoats in daily rush. It is possible to find hangers at the entrance of the door with many designs that make it easier for us to leave the house quickly. However, tree hangers, which have been very trendy in recent years, are also a great idea in terms of home decoration ideas.

You may not have enough space for a coat rack in your vestibule. In some entrances, the areas where we can store daily needs may be limited. Wall hangers are generally preferred in entrances without coat hangers. There are many designs on wall hangers, but different decoration ideas are always an option. If you are looking for a more stylish and fun solution instead of using wall hangers, tree hangers are for you. In recent years, designers have many hanger products that look like trees. It is possible to find wooden hangers in different colors and patterns from wooden or plastic materials. In addition to the classic tree-like designs, ultra-modern designs are also carefully offered for decoration lovers.

Make your own design

You can also make your own instead of buying tree hangers. Nature is quite rich for this… You can bring your hanger to life by finding dry trunk and branches suitable for the entrance of your home on a walk. It is a good and fun idea to place the dry tree trunk in a large volume pot, as you can make your feet out of wooden materials. You can use the dry tree trunk in its natural appearance, sand it, paint or polish it. In this way, you will find a solution to your needs and have a different and fun design.

We offer many spectacular and striking examples of ‘tree hangers’ to those who are looking for fun and different touches for decoration ideas.















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