Istikbal Furniture 2019 Collection Campaigns and Prices

Istikbal Furniture Campaign, which started with the demand of intense customers, offers great opportunities for those who will change their furniture or build a new home. Prices are quite affordable in the istikbal furniture campaign, which covers many products from the dining room to the bedroom, from the TV unit to the carpet. We recommend that those who need this type of furniture campaign carefully examine our article and models.

1- Liva Series Istikbal Furniture Campaign

Istikbal furniture Liva series models are produced using human health friendly dyes that do not contain carcinogenic substances. In the set, which is dominated by walnut color, superior visuality and comfort came to the fore. The bedroom set of the model is 7933, the dining room set is 8629, the sofa set is 6878 TL.

2- Luis Series Istikbal Furniture Campaign

The tassel details in the Istikbal furniture model, which has a more elegant appearance thanks to its feet high from the ground, look very pleasing to the eye. Much attention has been paid to the functionality of the wardrobe in the bedroom. You should definitely check the set with 8125 living room set, 6674 sofa set and 8074 TL bedroom set from Istikbal furniture stores.

3- Mira series İstikbal Furniture Campaign

Do you think the harmony I have caught with the two colors of the sofa set furniture that can be a bed is very elegant? The Istikbal furniture set, which has modern lines, has a bedroom set of 7091, a dining room set of 7242, and a sofa set of 6250 TL.

4- Pery Series Istikbal Furniture Campaign

Istikbal furniture set, which looks very elegant with its color material model, is designed for those who are bored with monotony, and it is among the most preferred models for those who are between modern and classic lines. Pery series dining set 9379, bedroom set 9379, sofa set 8009 Tl.

5- Gallery Series Istikbal Furniture Campaign

Istikbal furniture set, designed in white and oak colors that look very stylish visually, has classic lines. Designed with plenty of drawers inside the wardrobe, the product is very popular with the users. Campaign prices of the model are the bedroom suite 7474, dining room suite 7965, sofa set 7456 TL.

6- Rosalina Series Istikbal Furniture Set

The dining room set, complete with its middle table and zygomes, draws attention with its elegance. Using plenty of mirrors in the bedroom will make your room look brighter and more spacious. Each product of the series, which is 8049 for the bedroom set, 7637 for the dining room, and 8236 for the sofa set, is worth seeing.



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