Unbearable Lightness of Colors

Inspired by the color palette of the famous painter Monet, the designer built a dizzying living space.

The living area, which is felt from the beginning to the end with the unbearable lightness of the colors, generously brings the greenery of nature inside with its large windows. With the wide windows and vaulted ceilings, the feeling of light is very strong. While white is preferred on all walls and ceilings, pastoral colors are used in furniture and textiles. The large windows are decorated with bamboo blinds without being completely closed. A warm look is achieved by continuing the bamboo blinds regularly on all windows. The unbearable lightness of the colors can be felt throughout the living space. A cream-colored double sofa is completed with light blue patterned armchairs. French armchairs are chosen with light blue, elegant patterned upholstery. The small wicker coffee table placed next to the armchair gives the impression of a beach house.

Unity is achieved by using soft tones of fuchsia and light blue pillows on the sofas. The tea tables placed right next to the linen fabric double sofa both facilitated the use and integrated the seating arrangement. Patinated tea tables are enriched with both accessories and stylish lampshades. A comfortable space was created with patterned coral-colored pouffes placed in the middle of the seating arrangement. Garden roses and a few books were used as accessories on the wicker tea tray on the pouf. Thus, it refers to a “living house”. Puffs are intended to be used for both resting and service. A flamboyant impression was created with twin poufs. The legs of the sofas, berjers and pouffes, on the other hand, were carefully selected and attention was paid to have the same genetic characteristics.

This stylish room, where comfort is kept at the top and irresistible lightness of colors, offers a very fresh look. The jute carpet used on the limestone floor helped all these colors come out even more elegantly.

This special living space, which stands out with its irresistible lightness, is furnished like a holiday home. The hall, which attracts attention with its decoration ideas, is almost like a painting. Here is the seductive private hall with the irresistible lightness of the colors we have chosen for this “room of the week”.





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